Our Showroom is the maximum expression of what we love doing: Automated interior design projects that praise exclusive entertainment and comfort. Visit us!


The striking entrance to the showroom harmonises a modern take on industrial architecture that is in perfect symmetry with what is to come: a variety of living spaces that have been painstakingly created to suit every demand —for relaxation and entertainment. Right at the entrance, you will be greeted by one-of-a-kind loudspeakers designed and crafted by Leon Speakers, which are essentially a work of art.


The Showroom’s spectacular signature library is all about joy. Dive into your high-class, private world of music and literature. Next to the glass façade, the library provides the ultimate environment for relaxation, either to delight on your favorite jazz vinyl record or reading a magazine with an excellent cup of coffee.


Our comfortable meeting room (that has space for up to 6 attendees) features an automated, concealed 55” TV screen that is embedded into the bespoke furniture. The hand-crafted meeting table is placed next to a breath-taking vertical garden containing lushy, exotic plants. Stunning works of contemporary art adorn the walls throughout —carefully selected, these pieces are lively and evocative, lending character and mood to the space.


In the living room films and TV come to you in the utmost comfort. It has been specifically designed with world-class home entertainment technology: Exclusive Architettura Sonora speakers that are floating over your head; a soundbar integrated into the signature wooden wall, below the 65” TV. The icing on the cake: Powerful subwoofers installed beneath the sofa that boost the audiovisual experience.


Our glamourous bar is the absolute best place to sit back and have your finest glass of Scotch whiskey. An invisible 55” TV fitted into the mirror displays your favourite film while respecting the aesthetics of its surroundings. The handcrafted furniture is hiding speakers behind its wooden frame to provide a seamless experience.


Our showroom is a sanctuary for exclusive entertainment. Be papmered by the fusion of technology and comfort and surrender to deep relaxation in the very heart of our descerning space: a cutting-edge private cinema featuring a 7.4.2 surround Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision equipment. Here, if you don’t enjoy your favourite film at its best, you won’t do it anywhere else.

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